Six years later, a reply to Todd Brison’s The Answer Is No.

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Begin with the small yesses.

Yes, I can make my bed today.
Yes, I can park on the other side of the lot and walk those extra steps.
Yes, I can spend fifteen minutes outlining that scene, sketching that landscape, plotting that garden area.
Yes, I can write out the ingredients for my…

They live on through those who knew them, even if we hardly knew them at all.

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Father’s Day. Every year, we rekindle the tropes of the past. Friends and colleagues share photos of their dads on their Facebook feeds. The media highlights those fathers who have made positive impacts on their families, their communities.

But what of those men who leave no heirs? …

What if I take a wrong turn? Will I hear, “Recalculating…”

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I recently began a guided meditation for writers*. It’s been helpful, enriching, calming… I think…

Part of the meditation is self-hypnosis or Hypnotic Meditative Technique (HMT) which the narrator, Annette Annechild, PhD, explains is safe because the meditator is in control. …

It’s not about the happily ever after. It’s about the happy now.

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I grew up with Sleeping Beauty, Cinderella, and Snow White. In each tale, the slender, young beauty struggled (or slept) because of the wrongs of others.

The spiteful witch, Maleficent, seeks to do damage to an entire village by instigating a spell on our dainty ingenue. …

One doctor’s prescription for a healthy writer’s life.

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Your problem has never been the writing, the production of words. But there are other types of blockages. An aneurysm can pop in your brain or your heart — words escape capture for that chapter, that book. At best, you’re paralyzed. Worst case scenario — you’re dead! …

Slow down and look down and if you’re lucky, you might see some amazing things.

Photo by the author. Location: Oak Hill Conservation Land, Littleton, MA

The temperature is pretty perfect. The leaves have unfolded. And the bugs have not quite emerged to plague us humans.

I often take a walk in a nearby forest. I am fortunate to live near 200+ acres of conservation land. Walking trails crisscross the hills.

In mid-May, the delicate pink…

Like the roles that actors play, our professions often change and sometimes change often.

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It’s 12:25 p.m. I just finished teaching my Zoom classes so I check in with my 94-year-old mom. She watches TV most of the day.

Jimmy Stewart is on the screen. He’s young. His tone is angry. He holds up a rifle. …

Sometimes it’s fun to dive in deep and hide just under the surface.

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This morning, I dutifully filled out my ‘to-do’ list for the day. Truthfully, I don’t HAVE to do that much. I’m an adjunct professor at two different state universities. …

I've been thinking of starting my own publication on Medium for a while, but I was afraid that no one [literally NO ONE] would read mu articles EXCEPT my friends that I kind of BEG to read my posts. Thanks for giving me the confidence to truly consider this option!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for writing THIS and all of your other articles.

Sticking to the routine from the home office.

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Trains have schedules.
Work has schedules.
One leads to the other.
If I miss the train or get on the wrong train, I am late to work.

Every day I wake up to the same alarm.
Some days I hit the snooze.
Some days I hit the snooze too many times.
Those are…

B. Morey Stockwell, PhD

I’m a writer who writes about writing… and other topics that bring me joy. Follow me on Instagram- @callthewriter.

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