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Twenty-five years ago, as I walked around my yard, I asked a question. “What should I do?”

At the time, my husband and I operated a drapery workroom. Sewing was both my vocation and my avocation. …

Photo by Alfonso Scarpa on Unsplash

Father’s Day. Every year, we rekindle the tropes of the past. Friends and colleagues share photos of their dads on their Facebook feeds. The media highlights those fathers who have made positive impacts on their families, their communities.

But what of those men who leave no heirs? …

Photo by Rene Asmussen from Pexels

I recently began a guided meditation for writers*. It’s been helpful, enriching, calming… I think…

Part of the meditation is self-hypnosis or Hypnotic Meditative Technique (HMT) which the narrator, Annette Annechild, PhD, explains is safe because the meditator is in control. …

Photo by the author. Location: Oak Hill Conservation Land, Littleton, MA

The temperature is pretty perfect. The leaves have unfolded. And the bugs have not quite emerged to plague us humans.

I often take a walk in a nearby forest. I am fortunate to live near 200+ acres of conservation land. Walking trails crisscross the hills.

In mid-May, the delicate pink…

I've been thinking of starting my own publication on Medium for a while, but I was afraid that no one [literally NO ONE] would read mu articles EXCEPT my friends that I kind of BEG to read my posts. Thanks for giving me the confidence to truly consider this option!

Stay tuned!

Thanks for writing THIS and all of your other articles.

B. Morey Stockwell, PhD

I’m a writer who writes about writing… and other topics that bring me joy. Follow me on Instagram- @callthewriter.

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