A Writer’s Journal: Time Matters

Sometimes the first, or rough draft, includes details that just don’t work out in the revision.

In Matching Time, I had random ‘scenes’ that I would write WHILE writing the novel. I designated those scenes as ‘added’ or ‘move somewhere else.’

That was last summer. I didn’t touch the novel since last summer until the beginning of June. That’s when I dove in with earnest.

My process- first re-read. Then re-read again. Then, note things that were obviously wrong or in the wrong place.

So those random scenes that I had written ‘out of place’ last summer now would find their true home.

Sounds easy, but it wasn’t.

One thing that I realized is that Ben, who owns The Chicken and the Egg Catering Co., Inc., is transported to a different time period by Sam, our protagonist, and Katte, her foil. They want to see if their time machine works. It does! They transport Ben to 1940s Chicago because he loves jazz.

But I had included him in scenes that occurred AFTER this transportation.

The past few days, I’ve worked hard at fixing those scenes where he appeared.

One way is to have Sam and Katte talks ABOUT Ben.

Another way is to have things that he had said referred to in the past. “Ben was confused by the menu request and he questioned the options.” Became “When Ben and Sam had discussed the options weeks ago, Ben seemed confused, but Sam had quelled his fears. Now she was in charge of implementing the changes.

I’m up to page 187 out of 244. I should be able to get to the ending tomorrow. IF I start early.

Why do writers often write first thing in the day?

I think it’s because it’s quiet and they feel less guilty about taking time away from their jobs and their family if they do their own work, on their own projects, before their other obligations get in the way.

Today’s session was much later than I would have liked, but I had to send some emails for the symphony, update the web site, create some collateral. I wanted to do it before 8 a.m. So I traded my private writing time for other obligations.

Sometimes that is necessary. But I still carved out my 90 minutes. Wish I could do more. Longer. But really, that’s about all my brain can take before it needs a change.

Tomorrow, I’ll finish up this draft. I want to then go back and see how the scene with Griz goes. What is he tortured about? Is it relationships? Or is it just wanting adventure. Because what Sam and Katte propose is the latter, not the former.

Fix that next. Then, re-read the whole things one more time.

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