Writer’s Journal- Follow my progress!

I’m making progress on my novel. And that’s a great thing.

I’m still adding scenes and I think that I’m able to gain the perspective to see when things need to be changed.

I started reading a book today called “The Art of Storytelling,” by John Walsh. It was a book that Wayne Jamel recommended during his visit with my class on Wednesday.

One of the take-aways right away is answering your call. For the author, it was a call to speak before a congregation even those Walsh said he is/was afflicted with stuttering. He put himself in a position where he had to rise to the challenge. He did this in order to prove to God that he was unworthy to answer the call. But instead of being denied the opportunity, and instead of failing miserably as a speaker, God proved to him that he was worthy by giving him perfect speech even if it was just for that thirty minutes.

The act proved to Walsh that he could not deny the call.

For me, the call is to write. Whenever I ask God what I’m supposed to do, it’s to write. Actually, that’s a lie. The answer was… and I’ll never forget this… to inspire others to do their art.

For me, art is many things. It’s to be a creative. It’s writing, drawing, cooking, teaching, sewing, being…

For me, I need to put myself out there and just do. I don’t need to prove anything to anyone. I just need to do what I feel called to do.

Money doesn’t matter. Fame doesn’t matter. Being true to the call matters.

So here I am world.

What is your call? What has been stopping you? What can you do today to inch closer to that call?

Let me tell you a story.

It was years ago, maybe twenty-five years ago. My husband and I had a small business making window treatments for interior designers. It was a nice job but mostly I loved it because I could have my kids with me. I didn’t have to ask a boss for time off to go see their shows at school. I didn’t have to ask for a raise. I didn’t have to answer to anyone but my customers. And I always did what the customer wanted. It was a good relationship.

But everyday, I would take a few minutes to walk outside. Just a walk around our yard while my employees worked in a small barn also in the yard. I would walk in circles around that yard. Always wanting to stay close enough in case my kids, or one of my workers, needed me. I’d be right there to help.

Walking is a kind of meditation. Walking is exercise. Walking is movement and movement is beneficial.

That day, my mind was reeling with possibilities. I don’t know what particular avenue I was considering then, but I knew that it probably had to with a creative endeavor. Sewing was creative. But it had become work. They say, “Do what you love and you’ll never work a day in your life.” But they also say, “When your hobby become your job, it becomes work.”

Well, maybe they DON’T say that, but it is true.

At that time, I might have been considering drawing, painting, illustration, writing, anything but sewing… but I could NOT decide what avenue to pursue.

So, I asked God, “What should I do?”

And immediately I heard, “Inspire others to do their art.”

I felt quivery, nervous, anxious, happy, confused, but… enlightened.

I also felt unready.

Are we ever ready?

Today, I’m sixty-two years old.

I read the words in a book that a former student recommended to a class that I am teaching and the words connected with me once again.

So I’m bringing this to the world.

“How can I help you? How can I inspire YOU to do YOUR art?”

I’m not asking anything from you. But I will make a promise.

I’m going to show up here everyday and I’m going to share my progress with you.

I will fail. And I will succeed. But I will keep coming back. Will you?

It doesn’t matter your faith, or your beliefs. What matters is just knowing that you’re here right now. We’re all in this together.

Oh, by the way, I’m writing a book of speculative fiction. It’s a really cute story. And that’s my current project.

What are YOU working on? Let’s stay in touch and check in with each other. That’s a start.

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